A Little Bit About Me

Hello everyone my name is Vaishag Nair. . i want to showcase my thoughts, feelings, experiences, trips, emotions and moments through this video blog. i love reading books, meditating, exercising, playing football and listening to music other than having deep meaningful conversations with the people in my life. i would love to be friends with you given you are not a negative person. I won’t mind if anyone sends me messages or shares my video. life would be much happier and simpler if we could just ask people “wanna be friends” like we did in kindergarten. i am an extreme car addict. i love hyper lapsing. i am up for driving 24/7. 365. i am always looking for ways to grow as a person and a professional. i love rain and anyways through which nature talks to us. i love lush greenery, as well as big cities .i, am a peace lover {but, not a hippy šŸ™‚ }.i enjoy street foo too. i intend to travel the world with the love of my life .and capture all those memories. that’s why i love photography. i love gadgets. i am not much into movies. i only watch highly acclaimed movies or spoofs. i don’t have time for movies who try to do good, but aren’t any good.i’m a bookworm. i love reading non-fiction a lot. my favorite genres include Philosophy, psychology, sociology, history, self-help, business, classics, religion,reference, health and fitness, and war stories.my favorite movie is Shawshank redemption and my favorite song is Hoppipolla by Sigur Ros. If i told you how many genres of music i listen to, i am pretty sure you won’t believe me. i listen to EDM, Progressive house, deep house. house, downtempo,chill,pop,rap,rock,RnB,jazz,classic rock,alternative music,PSYCHEDELIC TRANCE, psychill, Psybient,progressive psychedelic music ,Tupac is my fav,TRANCE,Bollywood, Malayalam songs ,AMBIENT,DANCE,INDI-POP,instrumental, original soundtracks,lounge music,Punjabi pop,soul,lil bit of techno,vocal and world music.MUSIC IS MY LIFE .i am a supporter of Manchester United .i watch racing too and support Mercedes Formula 1, team. i wholeheartedly believe in doing things wholeheartedly or not at all. i am not into doing things half-heartedly .i like working on myself and improving day by day. every waking and sleeping second i am trying to gather useful knowledge, grow and help others heal by being kind. this world needs more kind people and i am highly attracted to kind people. i dunno why. since i am no celebrity or powerful person, i try to help and heal the ones around me. if i get power ill do my best to heal the world. i believe that no child in this world deserves to suffer.i am a very reminiscing person. i am very very very very very grateful for this life and am happy, but not satisfied. i want to give me everything before i leave his world. no matter how long or short my life is, i want to die with a clear conscience and memories .i hope we will be friends soon . šŸ™‚ ā¤

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