How blogs can be misleading on the world wide web and what we can do about it.

Since backlinks are a very important feature for ranking high on the search engine results page, everybody blogs .some of them are mindlessly creating content just for the sake of creating backlinks .some do it for generating original content , building trust and authority , all while being relevant.since many of the topics are ambiguous in nature(like fitness ), it adds fuel to the fire of blogging.bloggers include every single detail proving their  Words right, including scientific studies, making the content compelling and far more difficult to disparage after spending considerable time on it.and since it is better to have all angles of the tacit debate ,its better for the world wide web to have more content . Especially from a purists point of view. However what I think is that more and more content makers should be reading much more about the topic they sincerely seek to blog about to make sure that their blog is relevant , crosses over edges smoothly  and care-fronts controversial points with a neutral and progressive agenda in mind. This would make the blog-o-sphere a much better place and one worth reading even more.some might call my views a little pessimistic, but in my opinion I’m trying to make the blog-o-sphere a better place by assimilating what I read and trying to make  the web a better place(I mean even already is a great place although ).it is essential for bloggers to see the big picture and blog/create content responsibly whilst keeping in mind the bigger is easy to get lost in information in here on the world wide web.but if you are principle oriented, it is much easier to behave responsibly here on the world wide web. 

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