Basics of Search Engine Optimization-101

Search: Allegorism of Human intentions

  1. Internet searches have become a part of modern human lives
  2. The popular search engine GOOGLE now processes 40,000 searches(Queries) per second on average. This translates to 3.5 billion searches per day and 1.2 Trillion searches per year worldwide.
  3. In addition to the number of queries the people who use popular internet web search engines have gotten accustomed to relevant results in less than a second.
  4. To obtain the information that one obtains via popular web search engines, one would have to physically search through volumes of books at a public library.
  5. This could easily have consumed an hour or more because of physical searching through books.
  6. Through online search engines, people can do shopping, banking, and social networking. this wasn’t possible a few years ago.
  7. This dramatic shift is because of the internet
  8. The internet is labeled as something disruptive because it has changed in a fundamental way how the people of this planet live, work and interact.
  9. Search engines are at the center of this internet infused system.
  10. And as of today having a business’s website appear prominently in SERP(Search engine results page)is extremely beneficial when the query(search)the user has intended is close to the idea of products and/or services they offer.

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