Life in the Time of Corona Virus

while we whine about our beloved freedom, we should remember this situation is only temporary.we should analyze and evaluate our daily lives and what we are doing here on earth.this is a golden opportunity to think and add value to our lives through proactiveness.although proactiveness now is staying at home. while we stay at home, let’s celebrate everything we are grateful for.this planet, our family, our partner and everything we cherish. let us not be negative and moan about anything and everything.instead let’s use this time to interpret analyze understand and make appropriate changes to increase ours as well as others quality of life. let us start with our own families and spread this wave of unimaginable positivity. it’s tough but it’s possible to do that.humankind has come this far only to go further. suddenly at the onset of this virus, we are all humans first again.this is what the great teachers have been teaching all along.we are one. and will always be one. lets beat the hell out of this the way enjoy this beautiful video about is from BBC’s Planet Earth!

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