We are battling Two Pandemics – Corona and Stupidity

woman wearing mask

By now everyone must have realized that the ill effects of rumor-mongering. in these emergency times, it is very imperative that everyone thinks for themselves and avoids forwarding things that seem bizarre and untrue.sometimes genuinely people cannot tell the difference between facts and myths and for that, I suggest to not take Whatsapp forwards seriously at all.frankly there is more to gain than to lose.trust me you don’t want to delve into the world of Whatsapp rumors. avoid forwarding anything suspicious. research deeply before accepting anything. it only takes 5 minutes to separate fact from false information. if you are new to researching Whatsapp forwards id suggest simply copy-pasting the URL with the word “fake news”. and google will do the rest because since there are agencies who solely focus on labeling fake news its highly unlikely that true news will ever be labeled fake quickly without deep research on their part!

1 Avoid venturing out of homes for non-essential works

2 Wash hands as often as possible

3 Avoid sharing WhatsApp/telegram forwards without RESEARCH!

4 Don’t panic, we can and will overcome this pandemic.

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