A view of Human Nature that does not take feelings into account is highly short sighted, Fundamental wrong & locks the same thing which is needed to understand that it lacks something. I will try my level to explain my stand on this topic.

              Human Beings have excelled in so many Domains that it is difficult to keep track of all the Domains. We are always up for the conquest for Truth. We want to know everything that can be possibly known. We want to know that the things we consider “BIG” are really BIG and the things we consider “SMALL” are really SMALL. We want to see things as they will seem in the light of eternity. As much progress has been made in the field of Biology, this one question gains more & more significance.

What does it mean to have consciousness & what is conscience. How do we calculate the two?

Humans have made immense progress to know that every progress originated in the mind from an idea we started off as many species of Humans. Homo Neanderthals, Homo Erectus, Homo Sapiens etc.

We were hiders for many many years. Just another creature extinct well, the question is why were we afraid of dying? I guess emotions! We are deeply embedded to fear death & death of a closed one us feel as bad as it can possibly feel without actually passing away. Then Homo sapiens started walking upright after many hundred thousands of year. We slowly started developing gibberish sounds as primitive language. In Actually no different from bird sounds or other animal sounds. We evolved to gossip, so that we could gather more information about the other humans & world around us. Despite being mostly mute beforehand, we wanted to learn more. I have a theory. I believe that although necessity may be the mother of invention. The Real Cause of invention is the so perceived Advantage that comes with it. It may take thousands of more years, but the direction is a good one. The longer the journey, the more different it is going to be if the initial steps are drastically different. It is common sense. We slowly invented language & thus the world was ours for taking. 

Then millions of years after, we discovered (not invented) Farming by then wasn’t any significant difference among us (humans) & other animals except that we could communicate everyday life & probably no one indulged in philosophy because not even a single philosophical term was invented/discovered. However we wondered endlessly everyday staring at the sun & every night looking at the moon. Every time it started thundering and & lightning & every time it snowed or rained. We attributed it to supernatural entity because some where we understood that just because we don’t have the Ability to understand the existence of an entity or concept and or prove any side of the story doesn’t make that concept or entity non-existent. A Belief which we do not possess widely now. We moved on to Indsutrial Revolution By now humans were powerful thinkers. Some even mind monsters the great era of dramatic thinking had begun with somewhat equal access to previous ideas & methodologies. We were in for the run. Voltaire had taken possession of all of us in some ways. We began to think synthetically more than ever. Nowhere synthetic compared to todays specialist thinkers. The Thinkers of today have tools which can measure & quantity everything about us, Even biologically. They say we are hormones, Synapse & cells, nothing else.

In Stark comparison the pre-modern thinkers had no tool at all. Just their minds. The greatest thinker Aristotle had only a half functioning prototype compass & A Ruler (pun intended indeed) which brings us back to our question.

“How to identify & measure consciousness & conscience.”

Let me tell you something. Every concept that exists in human society is made by humans for humans. Justice, Liberty, Equality, Fraternity, Patience, Virtues, Good, Evil & Kindness are always imaginary pre-agreed concepts collectively imagined by human beings so that there is order in this world & we all live in peace. Not chaos but why does one dislike chaos? Because chaos threatens survival & nobody wants to die. We have enough brain power to understand that we are nothing but hormones & cells. But we forget something just like hormones ( which can be measured) we have feelings (which can’t be measured) by any technology.

You can read a person’s mind, genetical make up & DNA, but you can’t feel exactly what he/she is feeling.

We may develop Artificial intelligence, Cyborgs, Humanoids, organically Altered humans, but we will never know for sure why rocks can’t move or think on its own or write books & make rockets like us.

                 The Irony is that the mind is itself proof that the very thing we use to understand things cannot be understood completely. It is the beginning & end of our words. The mind wanders everywhere despite not existing in scientific terms.

               The Buddha says depression is living in the past & anxiety is living in the future. Science says it is an imbalance  of hormones & an overactive  Amygdala . when will we have an accurate understanding on how the mind came to be what it is why despite not knowing a single word we evolved to learn sounds in the form of words & communicate it to others.

There is intelligent design in everything about us. Is it because of our Brilliant Mind? Only if we could understand our brain, let alone understand our mind. But then we would too simple to not understand our brain had our brain been simple enough for us to understand. The same Buddha says to us that the mind is like a man standing on the seashore wanting to stop the waves that come in from crashing & wanting the waves that come in from crashing & wanting the waves that leave from going back. The simplest thing we could do is to let it go & not play the intuitive game. A point very counter intuitive game. A point very counter intuitive from a man world famous or speaking the truth. The Buddha says stop wanting  pleasure in deed and in thought & pleasure will come to you. Well isn’t that wanting pleasure in the first place? But it works. It is only when you want something that there is a void. The void called sadness. But I do not agree to this type of thinking although. I pretty much agree to everything else that Buddha says. For me he is the greatest spiritual mind to have ever existed.

I want to show & feel emotions, for that is what makes me human & will wildly hold on to everything human in me. We are the spokesperson of all living beings. We are all the one who woke up some partially & some very very few who woke up fully. I do not care for what I may look like as long as I am being myself i.e a kind & considerate human being who is happy just to have existed as a human who can communicate human extensively. We are remembered for what we do, but more than that even those who do things are those who feel like doing it. We are definitely not some hormones or some blips on a test. We are who we are.

           Because when we encounter a stranger who has gone about pulling knife on everyone, we transport him to a mental as ylum who diagnoses him as a hormonally imbalanced person, a lunatic. But when the some psychiatrist goes back home & says I love you to his wife, doesn’t even think for a second that its because of the dopamine. The mind is like a champion chess player playing on a chess board and with a trillion squares & billion set pieces. We are blind to the things we cannot come up with. Even a single person can illuminate the whole kind if they come up with some thing new. We are like a child playing on the seashore while the vast ocean of knowledge lay before us. Some are wise enough to know it some have trouble understanding & accepting that the earth is round. We will learn more if we take  emotions into account. The idea that emotions & logic are different is an outdated one. What is essential is to understand that there was an emotional brain much long before a rational one.

       We are the spokesperson of conscience & conscience is the spokesperson of the mind.

        We didn’t receive or create consciousness. Consciousness created US.



Systems do not have to be complicated or unintelligible.

A system is just an arrangement of circumstances that makes things happen in a certain way

Now the circumstances may be very different for different systems. for some it may be metal grids, for some, it may be rules and regulations or electronic components, chemical components or anything else.the more complex the system is, the more components are involved in the each case what happens within the system is decided by the nature of the system.

If young children are asked to come up with a potato peeling machine, they come up with a box labeled “potatoes are peeled here”.this is very basic. since they can’t explain it in detail, they just make a box that is a metaphor for the system.

The nature of the system determines what happens

There are three ways in which knowledge of the system can be used.

1.  The first useful thing that can come with the knowledge of the system is the avoiding of those errors that arise through thinking the system to be something it is not.

No matter how good a system is at performing a certain function, most systems are rather poor when it comes to performing the opposite function. knowing the limitations of the system by itself doesn’t amount to anything unless acted upon.

2. The second useful thing is the awareness of the limitation of the system.

3. The third way would be to improve the characteristics of the system.


In the early stages of a breath analyzer, a drunk driver ran into a pole. as the police arrived at the scene.he took out his whiskey flask and started t drink it. he told the police that now the car was undrivable, he drank out of shock. There was no way now that his blood alcohol level could be measured before the accident.


Knowledge of a system is very important to improve the system.the more people know, the more improvemnets can be made.

Introspection of Thoughts and Mind

Introspection of Thoughts and Mind

Many people think that the brain will forever remain a mystery

If the Human brain were simple enough for us to understand, we would be simple enough to not understand it

It may be that the brain is not too difficult to understand, but easy instead.we make matters more complex by creating a structure of very fine detailing that hide rather than reveal.

The only thing these complex structures reveal is that man is capable enough to create them and has the compulsion to create such intricate and complex patterns/structures and play games with it.

Ideas have to be pushing our thought process in the right direction. if ideas miss the right direction, we move further and further in the wrong direction.while introspecting, movement is unlimited.the track is the way and the way is created by our mind itself.

It is like an army tank that goes on creating its own path while crossing a trench. the way is created by our moving imagination.

The brain on its own accord does not seek to understand and explain things exactly from a 100% objective and neutral point of view. The brain creates explanations which entirely depend on the person who is explaining.

The explanation may be highly acceptable without being highly relevant to what is being explained.if one describes something, then one hopes that the beauty of description will be appreciated.

Even in a description one may seek to reveal something one supposes that may not be apparent to everyone else involved. The more a person explains. the more they move from explanation to description.

In explanation the person tries to reveal how something unknown is only a special arrangement of the known.

There are two types of circumstances and the explanation describes how the system works in both special and general circumstances. the purpose of description and explanation is different. the former is tied to beauty and the later to say that the patch of ground is uneven is the description and to tell it is due to the trees is explanation.description is the first step to explanantion.whoever describes best is closest to the solution. Attention to detail is the mark of a GENIUS.

Words are the symbol of ideas.words usually describe things in motion. some words are used to deal with other words.they include words like AND, OR, BY, WITH. Basically, addition, division, and multiplication are ways of dealing with quantities.every single one of these words becomes a utility tool to carry out processes.

Learning medicine consisted of learning the language of medicine. In the same manner, to learn the language of the brain we have to learn new terms.

The whole of our thinking is dependent on words, the whole of our language, our education, our thought process is dependent on words we know and we don’t know.

The whole of our language is focussed on forming and communication our own thoughts and ideas

The brain works this way to make intelligent life possible. This is the way the brain works to make life possible.

The human brain has 100 billion neurons, each neuron connected to 10 thousand other neurons. Sitting on your shoulders is the most complicated object in the known universe.



Are Zodiac Signs Correct?

Are Zodiac Signs Correct?

Today i think about the very frequently occurring doubt. Are zodiac signs correct ? Do people behave like the signs say ? Well i believe they are just a vague idea of the personality. I wonder which signs are the bad people. By bad i mean criminals. A human personality is shaped by numerous variables. Genetics, surroundings, climate, society, intelligence ,maturity, upbringing, education ,exposure ,mental stimulation are a few to name. There are many factors which shape a personality most prominent being the answers given to the child’s questions . I have seen time and time again that there is no force higher than love. There will be satan and people who follow his ways but in the end only love will remain. It is natural to us because most of us are born out of love.