Take Responsibility

Take Responsibility

Inherently, each one of us has the substance within to achieve whatever our goals and dreams define.what is missing is the training,education,knowledge and insight to use whatever we already have – Mark Twain

The value of a product can increase like the value of an individual 100 times over with just a little bit of fine-tuning. the door to self-improvement opens only from within.

You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today – Abraham Lincoln

I am sitting here looking at two different articles in the same edition of my local newspaper.

The first article is by a columnist who decided not to make any more new year’s resolutions because they all get broken anyway.

Her reasoning goes like this.you make a bunch of promises to yourself like you resolve to quit smoking. then you break those promises, which makes you guilty. since feeling guilty makes me lousy, what’s the point of making resolutions?

The other article is about a man named Ken Cooper.here is what the newspaper had to say about Ken Cooper’s amazing life.

When he was 29 years old, he accepted an invitation to go water -skiing. A former hotshot athlete in high school, Cooper thought he would pick up where he left off 10 years ago. For 10 years he had been in medical school and did not have the time to work out or eat right. Thus his weight had ballooned to more than 200 pounds.

Despite being woefully out of shape, Cooper attacked that course just as he used to in high school. But his body had become weak and flabby due to no exercise and eating not right.his body gave up on him.he barely made it back to the beach and collapsed. Nausea swept all over him. His heartbeats were at 250 beats per minute. In his words, he said ” I thought I was gonna die”


That episode was the turning point in his life. He began running and exercising and lost 30 pounds.he was back to normal!

30 years later he still is at 165 pounds and in better shape than most men half his age.


You see Ken cooper became ” Dr. Ken Cooper” the man who coined the word aerobics and launched the fitness revolution in the early 1960s.

Now I ask you which of the following individuals would you rather be. Fit and active or inactive and overweight?

These two people had different approaches to responsibility.one avoids it while the other embraces it. Responsibility the word itself means the ability to take response.

there are two kinds of people on the road. Drivers and Passengers.always be the metaphorical former on the road of life.



I am only one, but still i am one; i cannoot do everything, but still i can do something, i will not refuse to do the something tht i can do- Hellen Keller

We are battling Two Pandemics – Corona and Stupidity

We are battling Two Pandemics – Corona and Stupidity

By now everyone must have realized that the ill effects of rumor-mongering. in these emergency times, it is very imperative that everyone thinks for themselves and avoids forwarding things that seem bizarre and untrue.sometimes genuinely people cannot tell the difference between facts and myths and for that, I suggest to not take Whatsapp forwards seriously at all.frankly there is more to gain than to lose.trust me you don’t want to delve into the world of Whatsapp rumors. avoid forwarding anything suspicious. research deeply before accepting anything. it only takes 5 minutes to separate fact from false information. if you are new to researching Whatsapp forwards id suggest simply copy-pasting the URL with the word “fake news”. and google will do the rest because since there are agencies who solely focus on labeling fake news its highly unlikely that true news will ever be labeled fake quickly without deep research on their part!

1 Avoid venturing out of homes for non-essential works

2 Wash hands as often as possible

3 Avoid sharing WhatsApp/telegram forwards without RESEARCH!

4 Don’t panic, we can and will overcome this pandemic.

My Home Library

I am an Avid Reader. i like reading about a lot of different topics. reading fuels my curiosity. I am here to learn more and more and get better every single day. According to me, even if you are on the right path, you will get run over if you just sit there. Getting better is my focus. My home Library has enough books for me at the moment, but i always feel like buying more books. Unlike a lot of people, i don’t enjoy fiction much. my area of focus is non-fiction. particularly Philosophy, Religion, and Psychology apart from Business books. To me, excellence is a never-ending race and I’m in it to be as good as is humanly possible for me!

Bookstores always remind me that there are good things in this world”

Vincent Van Gogh

Books are magical. Reading a good book is like having a conversation with one of the finest minds Of all times.i have never met a human being who did not have anything to teach me.after all books are a man’s best friend.

Are Zodiac Signs Correct?

Are Zodiac Signs Correct?

Today i think about the very frequently occurring doubt. Are zodiac signs correct ? Do people behave like the signs say ? Well i believe they are just a vague idea of the personality. I wonder which signs are the bad people. By bad i mean criminals. A human personality is shaped by numerous variables. Genetics, surroundings, climate, society, intelligence ,maturity, upbringing, education ,exposure ,mental stimulation are a few to name. There are many factors which shape a personality most prominent being the answers given to the child’s questions . I have seen time and time again that there is no force higher than love. There will be satan and people who follow his ways but in the end only love will remain. It is natural to us because most of us are born out of love.